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Tech Startup Preview!

Technology, is involve in every new business startup. Advertising, Construction, Computers, Electronics, Education, Fabrication, Farming, Food Processing, Healthcare, Automobile Manufacturing, Marketing, etc. Our team, will work to find new startups that are of interest to our viewers. 
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Persistence! Having a Startup, Requires a Lot of Persistence. 

Persistence! Wow! This is a Big, Big, Word! The more I read the definition of Persistence, the more important the word becomes. The entrepreneurs, who started the companies featured below, have a lot of Persistence. They are an inspiration. Wishing them Well!   
Screenshot 2023 07 17 215326 Are you Heading to the Beach this Summer? Check- Out this New, Wander Company's, St. George Island Property close to Panama City, Florida. You'll be Impressed! Wander, Helping People Find Their Happy Place. 

Wander, is a Top Drawer company, who has a vision to build a network of smart homes across the globe. See the progress they have made and their plans for the future. The New, St. George Island, Beach Home is Beautiful. The ocean is right outside your door. 
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Solid Power, a Colorado company picks up speed in quest to deliver on new technology for electric vehicles.

Pilot production line is up and running to make silicon, solid-state battery cells.
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Quiptu! A Startup, that Rents Outdoor Gear!

Quiptu! Renting outdoor gear for Camping, Trail Riding, Kayaking Etc., would be nice! All In!
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Sound Agriculture, Fertilizer Tech Startup Triples Business!

With fertilizer prices at record levels, Sound Agriculture Company, is working hard to help farmers reduce cost.