Billboard   Domains Targeted Web Marketing Names  Lead Generation  Company Names  Call-To-Action  Location    Crosshair Domains                               HOMEMATION                             The New Buzzword Homemation, (home automation), is a term used to describe the concept of the real-time monitoring of security, heating cooling systems, lighting, etc. of your home.  More and more companies are entering this space. With the installation of a homemation system, home owners can enjoy the hands on control (even though they could be miles away) of the systems mentioned above. If your away from home and you hear the weatherman forcasting cold temperatures for your area, you can adjust your termostat accordingly from your hand held device.  If the installation and operation of a homemation system will save me money, I’m all for it! Sales of ADT’s, new “Pulse” product appear to be gaining traction.  As the industry leader of in-home security systems, ADT’s entrance into the full scale homemation market, was highly anticipated.  The ability to control home environmental systems, with their new Pulse product was a natural fit.  ADT waited, until real-time, monitoring technologies had developed to a degree that they were considered to be reliable, before introducing the new homemation product.  From that point forward, many hours were expended in the research and  development of ADT’s Pulse, before the actual roll-out of the  product occurred.   For a preview on the operation of the Pulse, please click the iphone below. The Pulse Billboard   Domains Domains For Sale     Branding Possibilities                 Great Name For A Western Store or Branded Western Clothing Good Nutrition, Health Foods, Wellness Domain Name  $1500 Not all Starups are the Same! You Crank and Crank and it still won’t start.  Wouldn’t it be easier if we all just turned a key?  Find out who has the Keys and can get you started and headed in the right direction. We like reading about the many new startups that are rolled out everyday through out this country and the world., does a great job finding these new startups and telling the world about them.  Who knows, they may find the next Big Thing, everybody is searching for. Stock Options, Structured Settlement Payouts Contact Premium Digital Branding Got Spark? Have an idea? New Startup, looking for a Great Name? We will work with you to rent or lease/purchase, a Domain Name. Rent or Lease           I had a dream last night, that I was being loaded into an ambulance and later onto a Mercy Hospital, Chopper. The dream did not reveal what type of medical problem, would have prompted this type of response. While on the stretcher, I told the EMT’s, that I had a good domain name, that could help improve their business. I gave them my business card, which contained my web address.  Well, as luck would have it, I didn’t make it. The next scene, found me in the funeral home. I knew, that I was not going to take this lying down. I raised up up while being embalmed and asked the Funeral Home Boss, if he needed a good domain name? I never got a response.   I also, found myself working hard to sell domain names at my visitation. To the hearse driver and even at the grave yard. While they were throwing the last shovel of dirt on me, I tried desperately to get their attention, by banging on the lid of my pine box, and yelling “Would anybody be interested in” After a while, I woke up, got on Godaddy and started searching to see if was available. As you would have suspected, The name was taken! What a Dream! Once A Domainer,       Always A Domainer! So Many Dreams, So Little Time! Good Name For A Branson. Vacation Web Site Good Name To Use For An On-Line Store, That Sells Shirt Quilts Slogan, That Could Be Used For All Kinds Of Beverages Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn How To Build An AI Kirill Eremenko How to easily build real world AI for booming tech, business,pioneering careers and game-level fun. Brisbane, AU