traction, a strong domain name can help you accomplish your goal.   As an example, if you drive those big rigs on the highways criss-crossing this vast country, you probably would not be driving without insurance.  Owning the quality web address,, would be of tremendous value to an insurance company, that specializes in selling insurance for truck drivers. In the upper right hand corner of this page, you will see a graphic billboard which highlights the, branding., would be another example of a premium web address., would be considered a Call-To-Action domain name, because it describes the message you want to project to your viewers.  Its a place to report news. “Is there a better place to report news on the net, than”    Promoting a service or selling a product by “Word Of Mouth” is Great, and it Works!  But if you want to grow faster and be competitive in today’s World Market Place, the internet is the place for you.  With a great name you won’t miss the boat!  When you purchase a quality web address for your current or planned web site, you want to be recognized.  To get attention and to gain Targeted Web Marketing Names  Lead Generation  Company Names  Call-To-Action  Location Muscle Cars Cycles The Future!   Be A Part Of It! Network Solutions since  1988.  25 million names later and still counting.. ICANN, is an acronyn for the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.  A global multiple stakeholder organization that was created and empowered through actions by the US Government and the Dept. of Commerce. ICANN Coordinates the internet DNS, IP Addresses and autonomus, system numbers which involves continuous management of these evolving systems and the protocols that underly them.  What Is ICANN ?    Crosshair Domains Billboard   Domains Somebody left the Gate Open! Why A Good Domain Name Helps! If you get the chance to Brand.  Take It! “The internet like nothing before in its time has brought out the inner entrepreneur of the masses”  MO.COM Hand-sized fully functioning electris spinning wheel that spins wood and other fibers into yarn. By Maurice Ribble. A Very Creative Product on Kickstarter.  Electric Eel Wheel Mini