Crosshair Domains  Targeted Web Marketing Names  Lead Generation  Company Names  Call-To-Action  Location                                                                                                                     Where Does A Person Get Drive? Yesterday, I went to the local superstore looking for drive.  I had just heard a man on TV saying that if you want to succeed in anything, you need drive. I thought to myself, where else would a person find drive, other than the big superstore.  They seem to have just about everything.  I searched and searched, but couldn't find any drive in the automotive, food, clothing, hardware, or in any of the other departments that the local superstore had to offer. I did not know whether it came in bottle, box, can, crate, etc.  If I found drive, would I drink it, sniffed it, smoked it, spray it on, or take a bath in it? Another un-answered question.  Finally, I contacted one of the superstore’s employees. I believe they call them associates.  I then asked, do you folks have any drive?.  The gentleman associate, looked at me pretty strangely and said that he hadn't seen any around and suggested that I might find some at the other two mega department stores in the area. I visited both stores and could not find drive.  Where was drive hiding?   Seriously, drive (motivation) is not easy to come by.  Are we born with drive or does drive come to the forefront in our lives due to un-seen circumstances, life changing events, having a mentor who is highly motivated or attending a motivational seminar.  It could be a stint in the military or perhaps our parents inspired us to work hard and achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves.   When we hire on as a new employee, we better have drive or we won't be at our new place of employment very long.  If we fear that we are close to losing our job, our drive to do a better job at work, would probably increase.  Lets say that we have an opportunity to start a business, and if we are successful, we would have more money.  The additional funds could be used to get out of debt, buy a new car or go on a long, over due vacation.  This would certainly be a reason to have drive and work harder.  After writing these few lines, I continue to believe that the origin of drive is not easy to determine. I think I will check and see if there is an App for Drive.  The App, may have the answer. Contact Information Premium Digital Branding                                                             Spaceship Reported To Have Landed ! The latest technology news from Silicon Valley's biggest companies and most influential executives, from the San Jose Mercury News. Silcon Valley News Tech News, Reviews and Highlights , What is beyond that mountain range or beyond the fine horizontal line we see in the distance as we travel across the deserts and plains of this country? It’s not just a question its a BIG question. In the world of business, could the answer lie in more advances in social media, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, computers, security, etc.? Who knows! We don’t know what is over the horizon, but it’s a sure bet, something is always brewing and more likely in an intense fashion.  Imagination, dreams, creativity and drive are not limited to those areas that are upstream of the horizontal line or mountain range ahead. Our Horizontal Radar needs to be tuned up and oiled in order to achieve maximum efficiency 24/7.  Remember....The Earth is still round.